Welcome to the DRCMCC website

Every Wednesday at the Ukranian Centre in Weston-on-Trent, we race electric radio controlled cars. It is a friendly environment where people can race and share tips. It is especially useful for people wanting to start out in the hobby.

The classes that are commonly run are 1/10th touring cars, Tamiya Mini’s and GT12’s. Motors vary from 17.5, 13.5 and even mod; but as the track is very tight and twisty generally the slower motors are actually quicker.

The weekly results are uploaded to this website and show just how close all the different classes can be.

As the DRCMCC track is different every week, if you arrive early enough, you can create your own layout the club is always open to suggestions.

There isn’t a championship as such but there are plenty of people willing to give you a race.