So many changes…

COVID-19 has brought a lot of challenges to RC clubs like ours. We’ve taken this as an opportunity to move forward with the times.

Firstly, we’ve suffered for years with poor lighting at our venue. Over the past few months though the venue has had a complete refit. The work included the installation of LED lighting.

Using online facilities to purchase products and services has become common place. We’ve followed suit. Our new website includes an online booking and race fee payment facility. We are now unable to handle cash at the venue so pre-booking is now necessary for all DRCMCC events.

How you view your race results has also changed. We’ve gone paperless and live. Race results can now be viewed directly from our website. The results are posted live so these can be viewed from any mobile device with an internet connection at the venue or at home.

Refreshments. A bit of a downer. Bring your own. For the foreseeable we will not have refreshments for sale at our events. This is down to us being unable to handle cash. If guidance changes this could well be coming back.

As you can appreciate we have implemented a number of things so for the first few meetings please bare with us.

Anyway, booking is open for the 19th August.

Finally, please read this COVID-19 update. All drivers must be aware of what is required when visiting our venue. We hope to see you next week.